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πŸ”₯ Today we will talk about one thing and that is about FBS broker. FBS Brokers recently won an award for their good service. They have won the Best Forex Broker Asia 2020 Award. The award was presented by Capital Finance International. That’s why we will discuss in this today, why it is a very good broker, the various awards they have won, their regulations and what are the benefits of this broker. So stay with us.

✍️ Very popular broker FBS offer many benefits. They have won various awards for their good service. The last time they won an award called Best Forex Broker Asia 2020. The number of clients of this broker is more than 15 million of which a large portion is Asian traders. This means that they are one of the most popular brokers in Asia as well as in the world.The broker’s journey began in 2009 and a year later it won its first award in 2010 and was named Best Mini Forex Broker. Then a year later they achieved another one. In 2011 they won the award as Best Broker. Then there are the more surprises as the following year in 2012 they won three awards together. Among them Best Forex Broker Asia, Fastest Growing Broker Asia and Best Platform mt4. Not only this, they have won many awards every year for their good service. They have been conducting activities continuously since their establishment till 2020. As a result, they have gained worldwide acclaim from various international organizations. They have also won many awards in 2019.

✍️ To see their achievements, you will come to the homepage of the broker, then you will see an option called Information. There is a page called History in it. If you click there, you will see all the details of all their earned awards. So far we have said their various achievements. Now let’s talk what kind of service they are giving. First of all let me say one thing here you only get the facility to verify with only NID card. I repeat here the whole account can be verified with NID card instantly  We have given a video on this topic where we have shown how to easily get verified and how to upload documents. Everything that has been said must be seen by those who have not seen it. CLICK HERE


πŸ”΄ Then there are about five types of accounts available for trading. From this you can trade whatever you like. The accounts are Standard, Micro, ECN, Cent and Zero Spread. You all know we always talk about trading on ECN account so here you are getting on this account. Another big issue is there has the best cent account for those who are beginner traders. A cent account is an account where you can get real trading experience by making a small deposit. There are many benefits to doing so. Moreover, when you do real trading for the first time, the pressure works in your mind that can be removed here by depositing very little money. And one of the advantages of this type is that you can do real trading by depositing a minimum of  $1 here. This broker has a minimum leverage of 1:50 and a maximum leverage of 1: 3000. Such a low and high level is not found anywhere else. So if you are a beginner then you can trade in a very risk free way with minimum leverage.

πŸ”΄ What’s more, for those who want to have an Islamic account or trade in accordance with Islamic rules, this broker is offering the benefit of a swap free account. If you want to know how to create an Islamic account here, you must comment and let us know. Forex BD will upload videos on this topic quickly. And here you get the lowest spread so you don’t have to pay much. And for those who are thinking about deposit withdrawal, I say payment is made here within 48 hours. So hopefully you will get the maximum benefit from here. Moreover, this broker is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission. Here is the platform of mt4 mt5 and mobile training. There are numerous payment gateways for depositing and withdrawing, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Lite Coin. Moreover, there are some more payment gateways including Perfect Money, Neteller, Skrill. So you can deposit and withdraw with whatever you like. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to withdraw through which you will make the deposit. In other words, if you have deposited with Perfect Money, then you have to withdraw with Perfect Money while withdrawing. These are the rules and this rule is not only here but in every broker. There are many more benefits including 24 hour live support, numerous trading instruments, instant account verification.

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✍️ The big thing is the 100% deposit bonus. In other words, you will get exactly the same amount of dollar as bonus when you make deposit. Not just once but every time you when you make a deposit you will get bonus. Deposits are not made only once in a broker. Deposits are made many times. If the balance runs out or decreases or changes the plan but you get a bonus every time you make a deposit. However, we have discussed in a video that there are some minor conditions, you must see it. There is a details discussion and you can withdraw this bonus if you want. CLICK HERE. Then immediately create an account under the link given below, then instantly verify it only with NID card and by depositing.

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